DeWalt 611 Mount Improvement

Is it possible for Inventables to modify the Spindle mount for the DeWalt 611? I have been reading on the forum about many problems with the top of the spindle hitting the upper part of the gantry. I would think making the mount plate just a hair thicker would resolve that issue.

I don’t think it’s worth it for them to change it. The mount is an extruded piece of aluminum, meaning it has a specially made metal die (like a cookie cutter) that the aluminum is pushed through. Dies are typically very expensive (tens of thousands of dollars). I’m sure they’d change it if it were a quick fix. They may update the die when the current one wears out sometime in the future.

If you orient the 611 properly, there are no issues with it hitting. Mine doesn’t hit at all.

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Mine does not hit either.

Mine hit but a simple washer between all of the contact points gave me enough clearance. (Total of 6 washers)

I reworked the bolts to improve the eccentric nuts and rigidity of the z axis and that gave me the clearance as well.

Using the jam and nylock nuts in this manner makes the bolt a slight bit longer thus pushing the mount away from the rail in a static plumb line. (prior mine had a bit of wiggle and trended to flex towards the gantry. As an added benefit I found that by using oversized washers helped spread the load across the mount and prevent stresses from the eccentric nuts from loosening up when the stresses wiggled it loose.

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I just sanded a little off the plastic of the Dewalt 611 casing and it slid right in without modifying anything.

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