DeWalt 611 Mount + Z-Carriage Models

Hi - I’m trying to model an accurate z-carriage and router mount for my 1000mm x-carve with the DeWalt 611. This is for the purpose of designing modifications to fit my machine.

I’ve gotten the carriage gantry plate box, the v-rail, and the dewalt mount and spindle body (I’ve not put the head on yet), but I just need the dimensions for the distance between the router center point and the v-rail. I’m designing a vacuum system for my machine, but I don’t have it next to me now and won’t be able to go to the workshop for a couple days.

Anyone able to help here? This is what I got so far:

My current design that needs modifying:

Any measurements or accurate models would be extremely helpful! Thank you!

Have you checked out this:

Yeah I’ve seen that, I have that section done already - the DeWalt 611 mount doesn’t seem to be in the public repository so I’ve had to create my own. I’m a little further along now, but there’s still the matter of the mount itself…


Well I’ll be damned…

Almost finished the thing anyway just using measurements from all the other parts, so if anyone wants a z-carriage model with the dewalt 611 sitting in it for accurate modification designs, just let me know!

The first was good enough thanks!

For anyone reading this, I made a very effective and simple fixed dust shoe for the 611 that just uses a little 5mm acrylic. The F360 file and images are in this thread: Dust shoe made from 5mm acrylic (files included)

*The Fusion file also includes an extremely accurate Z-Axis & Dewalt 611 model for anyone wanting to make adjustments.

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