Dewalt 611 Precision Collet's

I bought the 611 Precision Collet Nut and the 1/4" and 1/8" collets. I’ve only used the 1/4" one to this point and after the cut, the bit and collet are stuck in the 611 to the point I have to hammer them out. Has anyone else experienced this? and is there a quick solution. Those babies weren’t cheap to not be using. I got them here at Inventables.

Is there a ring whichis meant to engage on the collet nut ?That way they come out with the nut ?

Yes there is a ring but when tightened on the 611 the collet binds and the nut comes off and the collet stays stuck in the 611 with the bit.

I read somewhere before that you have to press the collet into the nut until it “clicks” into place and that will keep it from getting stuck in the router.

I have the elaire collets as well and have never had an issue.

Again reading this forum is great!

Just over at the Elaire site, extensive line of collets and reducers.

Which is more precise for engraving, a collet or a reducer?

Thanks! - Alan

Collets are generally much better then reducers. I used a reducer initially, but switched to the collets. I am glad I did.

Reducers tend to have more run out than collets.

The collet you bought from Inventables is from Precise Bits. Here is their help guide for proper usage:

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Thanks Zach, will give it a read and see if it was user error. Out of the shop now so I post back later on the results.

OK, looks like operator head space. When installed correct the wrench takes the collet off and the bit drops right out. Amazing how things work when done right. Again thanks Zach for the link.


After reading these posts and seriously considering purchasing an X-Carve 1000mm, which collets should I purchase - the PrecisionBits from Inventibles or the Elaire collets? My projects will be mostly woodworking (signs and small parts) and also some plastic signs as well. Thanks, Charlie

Also, I already have the DeWalt 611 router…


Such a simple thing to miss. Thank m8