DeWalt 611 Project


I am working on a project that involves cutting through 3/4" MDF. I plan on using a 1/4" bit to cut the pieces out. Right now, I am using a feed rate of 30 in/min, Plunge rate of 9 in/min and a Depth per pass of .028 in.

Cut time is 3.5 hours on a 30"x30" board. I will probably do 5 of these setups.

This is going to be a mold to shape some plywood that I will be making out of individual pieces of veneer.

What kind of bit should I use? Will the DeWalt 611 be able to handle that kind of load? Are the cut settings good?



611 will handle it no problem. Two flute endmill from Inventables does a nice job on mdf for me. Nice thing on settings if using Easel is you can increase feed rate then back off once too fast.

Am sure others will weigh in with more or better advice.

The Dewalt is powerwise similar to my Makita router and I can go 2mm deep in aluminium with a 6mm end mill (at around 35ipm per flute)
RPM 17k. (Not Xcarve BTW)
2mm depth per pass is 3x 0.028"

So - no worries as far as router power goes.