Dewalt 611 question

Hello. I got not long ago a ProverXL. And also the Dewalt 611. And was wondering if there is any downside to change the standard spin with the Dewalt other than no automatic ON and OFF? I want to be able to do pretty small things and big ones too. Will using the Dewalt a problem for making tiny carvings?

Thanks in advance.

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In most materials, it wouldn’t be a problem, most hobbyist cnc owners use a router. However the dewalt minimum rpm is 16,000 so if your material needs a lower rpm to cut better (metal and plastics) than the dewalt can make that process more difficult although people still do cut them with that router.

The makita 701c router, which would need a different clamp or a reducer sleeve, has a minimum rpm of 10,000 which is why many cnc brands are switching over to that model router.

I don’t know what this means, so i cannot address this question :man_shrugging:

Thanks. By turn ON and OFF automatically I mean that you can turn ON the spindle with the software. And if it reaches a hard limit will be turned off automatically. That’s no possible that I know with a router.

Do you know if such adapter for the Makita exists for this CNC?


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Oh i understand now. Heres an example if using an SSR relay by James of James Dean Designs, excellent source of ProverXL info…

The process can also be simplifed a bit using an IOT relay as well.

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Just to confirm with using the IOT switch with a router and easel - I have found this unreliable (not starting the router) unless I log out and and back into easel between carves - regardless of whether the Mac laptop sleeps in between.

So to be reliable.

  1. Finish previous carve (router stops)
  2. Close browser
  3. Restart browser and log back into easel
  4. Commence next carve with automatic switching

P.s I don’t believe this is a usb issue as x-y-z control remains.

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