Dewalt 611 spindle

Having difficulty removing the bit from my spindle, any suggestions

Yes, the one that comes with the carve

Done, thanks

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I know that sounds harsh but @PhilJohnson is right, an adapter is never the way to go when you are trying to have precision cuts. And they are only good for creating problems as you go along and you will be better off never using them in this type of equipment.

yeah I know, but I am also taking into account that this guy bought something he thought would work and now he is getting told to trash it and step up. it has to be a hard pill to swallow spending money on something and finding out it will never work out and you just need to trash that and spend more on something different, but on the positive side he did ask so hopefully he wont spend any more time or money on something that is not going to work.

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I just laughed so hard that I’m crying and my wife is looking at me very concerned.
Oh and the baby’s face was priceless!!!


No doubt it’s all that southern spice!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I have not had particular problems using the adapter. I will be looking to get new collets at some point, but the adapters are not always trash.

That said, if they are causing problems, it does not make sense to me to try and fix the adapter. Either try another one, or get a collet of the appropriate size.