Dewalt 611 - V Bit on Pine (Speed)

What Speed and RPM should I be running using a 90 degree V-Bit on the Dewalt 611. I think I have the speed correct at Dewalt setting 1 but I think the machine is moving the router too fast through the wood. Every time I try and V Carve letters, it comes out not so great.

I generally run my 90 vbit at about 60 ipm with the Dewalt set at 2. The vbit can be tricky since depending on the size of the cut it can really plunge deeply into the material. The code that Vcarve generates for the vbit does not seem to care much about depth per pass limits, So if you have some long wide lines it can try to remove lots of material in one pass. But for most normal size lettering and image carving 60 ipm seems to work fine.

It’s mostly quality bit is the blame. Any bit on the market between $10 to $25 range is good for MDF. If you want to do good job on Hard wood and most difficult one is the plywood (because takes chips out) is removable blade V-Bits. Cost money at the beginning but laser sharp and you will changing blade only if need it. This time you can force it as much as you need. Cuts everything lake a butter.


I slowed it down to 60 ipm and set the Dewalt at 2. This was quite an improvement but I think I may slow it down even more, maybe 30 ipm to ensure a nice clean cut. When the bit is forced down on a downward cut or plunge, it seems to cause some movement in the carriage. I’ve also noticed that I have to do a bit of tightening of the machine nuts. Thanks for your help!



FWIW, F-Engrave does honor depth-per-pass settings.

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