DeWalt 611 wiring

I have the UK version of the DeWalt 611 and would like to get a relay to turn it on from Easel like this only UK version which I can’t seem to find, has anyone from the UK done this, and also if I should run the cable through the drag chain or tie it outside

I’ve never seen a 240V version of this sort of device, at least one that complies with local wiring rules. I ended up just wiring in a solid state relay in my CNC controller (not arduino based).

You’ll find that the cable chain won’t have enough space to run a mains cable. I have my router cable suspended from a piece of shock cord from a hook in the ceiling. Out of the way and does interfer with carriage movement.

Mine goes inside drag chain, doesn’t interfere anything. Never have any problems.
Goes all the way next to main electronics, connected to relay, takes power from 220V from wall plug, 24VDC from original spinner activating output.

Thank you Geof
the UK version is DeWalt D-26200 and works fine, I have the X-carve 1000 and there is plenty of room for the cable in the drag chain, I was only worried about noise problems having all the cables in the drag chain, will any solid state relay work, which one did you get.

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Mine goes inside drag chain, doesn’t interfere anything. Never have any problems

Thanks Alan, did you have to lenghten the cable or run a new one

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Perhaps I have smaller drag chain? There’s certainly no spare room in mine and all I have in there is the stepper and home switch wiring.

Sorry, I was referring to the power relay device you linked in your previous post.

which relay are you using, I have never used a relay before so dont know what to get or how to wire it

i used a solid state relay and can handle 220V AC.

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Thanks B.F that is what I wanted looks simple enough

Thank’s Angus, I have had a look and found this, will it do.

B.F. Just posted my picture for relay wiring. You can also find lot more info if you search Dewalt 611.

Another option is to get Super PID which also allows you to control the DeWalt 611 and gives you longer bearing life along with increased cutting power.

I don’t have that exact relay, but it’s basically identical. I would not trust it up to its rated 40A, but it should handle the 7A (if I remember correctly) required by the Dewalt

Inrush current is 21 amps according to DeWalt. That relay should be fine but IMO the heatsink on the Inventables device is much better.

I totally agree that the Inventables heatsink is superior, but I had trouble finding one like that in the UK. With postage, and then import tax/charges it would make it crazy expensive for what it is (roughly $44)

Doesn’t anyone in the UK sell the same brand that inventables carries?

The Fostek 25A SSR is the one that I’m using with the Makita (240V). No overheating issues so far

Thank’s all, I think I will go with the 40amp one I linked above, and if I decide to run the dust extractor then it will handle that as well, this one also has a proctective cover over the terminals, and looking at Alan Davis’s drawing the 1 and 2 terminals are live, should they be covered in some way.

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