DeWalt 611

If I install the 611 and I use 1/4 bits will Easel support them or will I still need to use 1/8. And if I use the 1/8 what is the advantage of the 611

From my experience Easel will support whatever diameter bit you tell it your using and it will recalculate the tool path needed. As far as the advantages of the Dewalt 611 over other spindle options that can be a little subjective. I started off with the Shapeoko 2 which had a Dremel mounted as the spindle and I don’t think we need to go into detail of all the reasons that might be lacking. When I upgraded to the X-Carve I also upgraded my spindle to the Makita palm router. This was a huge improvement and had the power to cut better (remember subjective). Just recently I have upgrade my CNC once again and this time I increased the size of my machine but also switched the spindle to the Dewalt 611. This is what I have noticed so far. First the mount is designed specifically for the router, there are more dust collection options, this is the quietest (again subjective) spindle I’ve used… and lets face it, its got LEDs on the bottom and that is just cool!

When easel asked for the bit size is it asking for the shank size or cutting size

cutting size

Don’t forget to measure and enter the actual bit diameter, not the shank. I’ve used a dozen different bits, and they’re all typically slightly different. For example, your 1/8" bit may actually measure .122".

The advantage of the 611 over the old 24V 300W spindle is that it has a heckuva lot more power, meaning it can cut a lot deeper and faster. To compare numbers, check out this forum: 24V Spindle vs. 611 Router - Quantified. It’ll tell you about how I did identical projects with both spindles, but the 611 went 17.5 times faster. :smile:

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