DeWalt 618 Router Mount

I have a DeWalt 618 router that I would much rather use than having to buy a new router for the X-Carve. Does anyone know if one of these exists, and if so where I can get one?

There may be issues with the size and weight of the router, even if a mount were available. The 611 already has an issue of either needing to be mounted at an angle or have the housing shaved in order to fit. Any mount would need to hold the router away from the Z-axis pretty far to clear. This brings up the second problem. The Z and X axis would need to be beefed up a bit to handle moving the weight of the full-size router. You may also lose some workspace size to accommodate the wider router. I’m not sure if it would end up being wider than the mounting plate–if so, the X-axis will need to stop sooner to avoid hitting the Y-axis. My opinion is that the 618 is too large for the X-Carve.

Did you successfully mount the 618 on XCarve? I’m thinking the same.

I did not. It was way too big. I went for a 611