Dewalt DW610 - Can I use this?

Wondering if I bought an X-Carve, if I could use my existing DW610.

My first reaction is to say no. In the default state, the X-Carve will bow and warp under the weight of the 610.

That being said, the X-Carve like it’s predecessors Shapeoko, are meant to be modified. Hence being open source… So, if you took it as a challenge and are willing to work at it, I bet modifications could be made to move the 610 around.

The DWP611 at 5.5lbs is within the weight limit but the DW610 at 14 lbs is definitely out of the limits for the default X-Carve.

14lbs? That can’t be. It doesn’t LOOK any heavier than the Hitachi 12mv i have been using for quite some time. Where did you see that specification?

Yeah, I thought so too, but the specs are hard to find and every one I saw online is all metal even the yellow bits… It is also a bigger radius for fitting into a mount. The only specs I could find that tell the weight is on Amazon…

Either way, if it is very much heavier than the DWP611 then mods will be needed.

Edit: it is about the size of the 618 and maybe heavier…