Dewalt DWP611 Collet upgrade

So I am getting a Dewalt DWP611 to upgrade the stock spindle on my xcarve, and was wondering if anyone can suggest the best place to get the 1/8 " collet?

“The DW series is for the larger DW616, DW618, etc… The DWP is the smaller collet for the DW611 router.”

Quoting from an email by Elaire.

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I did order the wrong one, and Mark at Elaire was kind enough to send me an email to clarify what I really needed.

Got it today, and it is high quality.

High Quality + Fair Price + Excellent Customer Service = Happy Buyer. :grinning:

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I bought the 1/8", 4mm and 6mm from them…they are great.

thanks !! just bought one …

Hello, I plan on ordering one of the 1/8" collets, although I was just wondering whether an actual collet is any better than a sleeve adapter (1/4" to 1/8")?



They are much better. I had a sleeve adapter and could see the runout of the bit. I switched to a collet and it runs so much straighter.

This one is less expensive ($5) but less precise.

Thank you both. I have been looking at the one from Elaire Corp. Not too bad of a price. What are your thought on metric size collets? I see a LOT of availability out there.


I bought the 4mm, 6mm and 1/8" collets from Elaire. I find it is easier to find cheaper metric sized bits.

That’s what I was thinking. Just ordered all 3 of them now. Happy belated Christmas to me… :smile:

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My wife just surprised me with the 3 collet set (1/8",3/16",1/4") from Elaire and told me the 2 metric ones were in the mail but just hadn’t arrived yet. Took it for a test spin in the shop today and these are amazing and work fantastic.

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She does actually but her sister lives in Brazil with her dad… and is like 6.