Dewalt DWP611 Dust Shoe

Old version removed, new version down below.


Looks very good indeed.

My Dewalt mount is on order & I’ll grab the machine itself after it arrives.

I’m still struggling to find suitable strip-brush here in Aus. My previous prototypes (for the 300W spindle) have simply had sheet rubber mounted around them, with 1/8th strips cut into it. Works ok but looks average.

Because I change tools a lot, I’m thinking of designing something I can attach and remove with a quick action clamp or RE magnets (mind you I suspect that magnets on a machine that creates swarf is not ideal - even if I don’t intend to cut anything ferrous).


Does your design ride up and down with the bit? I’m looking for a design that you can set the height of independently of the Z axis travel. Otherwise cuts through thick material will either crush the brush when down or leave a gap under the brush when up. Since the gantry stays at a fixed height above the work adjusting the brush once would keep it at the best height to collect any dust no matter the length of bit or depth of cut.


Yes, it is adjustable, as you can see the fly nut on the side.

I’m sorry I have no Idea how to find that brush material in Aus. In other hand, that brush attached part is holding in place with Magnets, which allows to change Bit without removing whole thing.

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Thanks, as I said, this looks very very good & is just what I ned. Thanks for sharing.


I got a shoe from these guys . Great workmanship, easy to install. The best part is the brushes are on magnets for easy bit changes. They make high end dust shoes but just started making one called the mini shoe for the DWP611. Check out the pics, I’m waiting on a 2’ dust skirt I ordered the 3" and it was a tad long. I haven’t used it yet but will this week, I might still have to put the DWP611 dust diverter on the router so it doesn’t blow out the skirt.


Wow, that looks nice…but I’m not sure it’s worth $160.

Hey Dan, it’s chad 1 of the TIA crew. Nice bumping into u

Very cool. How does the shoe attach to the 611? I may have to order one of these. I have already ordered my air diverter but am unsure if it would work with this as well.

Hey Chad! How are you man!

Im pretty sure it will work with the air diverter. It just goes around the base of the router and has screw that tightens it.

Like it.

I just ordered this dust shoe, it looks like it is going to work great. THANK YOU for the website.

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It just slides over the router and has a screw to tighten it. Used it today with the 2" skirt and no diverter. Worked Amazing! Zero dust on MDF I am amazed! Video soon.

YW you will love it!

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Man, that is a good-looking piece of kit! Does the extra weight forward cause any distortion problems? I’m already pushing the frame with the extra weight of the DeWalt…

Also, do you make that same thing with the small shop-vac port? I ask because I use a smaller, quieter vac for my indoor work.

Hi Dan, I didn’t actually make it. I just got one from I have had zero issues with extra weight. It blows it right into the suction and the dust skirt keeps it all sealed.

Makes the x- carve an entirely new machine. I am going to hook a fFstool Mini CT vac up to it. so I have to get some reducers from HD. I am sure you can email them and get a custom size port.

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I love my Festool stuff, but I haven’t managed to cough up for one of their dust extractors yet. Right now, I’m just running a small Shop Vac for my X-Carve. The big shop vac with the dust deputy is out in the shop, but it’s a tad immense for my indoor area.

This is likely going to have to be added to the X-carve soon, would make it a LOT easier to use indoors!

I just received my new dust shoe. WOW. That thing is awesome that’s really all to say about it. Especially with the new dewalt spindle. Thanks again for the advice. Not just have to figure out how to use this thing (x-carve) the proper way. My first time using a CNC machine.