Dewalt dwp611 hitting carriage

Just got my x carve all set up and was going through the easel setup up. Upon running the homing sequence, and testing the limit switches, the dewalt router housing it hitting the top of the carriage. I shaved of some of the housing (a little lip around the label), but it still hits. Anyone else having this problem?

Yes, that is a “known issue.” When I installed mine, I had to grind off some plastic from the “bump” directly opposite the serial plaque. Don’t worry, all is normal!

Or turn it 45degree, might be better idea.

I put washers between router mount and carriage. Didn’t have to shave router. Worked for me OK.

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I rotated mine so the switch on the dewalt is almost facing the machine. Solved it for me. I have it plugged into a surge protector so i can turn it off from there.

I think the mount should be redesigned to come out by 1/16th or so, then it wouldn’t matter how it’s placed. Would be even better if they could make it with the same clamp as used for the plunge router attachment so it can be quickly removed and used for hand router or table routing (made a custom plate)