DeWalt DWP611 Spindle

There you go :wink:

What is the black piece on the Dewalt just above the mount? Mine is nice shiny aluminum…no cover.

Lol oh my. That’s part of the Dewalt handle assembly. Take your router out and remove that black ring and everything will be fine.

+1 for the annihilated limit switch :joy:


I actually had to remove the whole yellow top of the router to get it to slide all the way down in the mount, then re-attach the top cover after it was down. This way I didn’t have to grind the cover to get it to fit. I bought my 611 from a box store with an extended 1 year warranty and didn’t want to deface it if possible. Now all is well.

It’s not dead, it’s just pining for the fjords.

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I admin that I killed about 3-4 limit switches before things started working well, but I haven’t had any problems in awhile, (knock on wood).

Is there a common thread to the problems you’ve had?



I’m really not a fan of that connector and the 90 degree header pins. It’s sloppy.

Couldn’t say, it’s been so long. I’ll take a look at my build log tonight and double check what that should look like.

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If you search this forum, you can find solution with picture for protecting Z limit switch I was put. Just use keyword Z limit protection. Never crash switch again.

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Anyone experimented changing this? Does this come lose easily? I am in that step right away finishing my xcarve

I’ve never had it come lose. But, if there were an earthquake under my house and my machine didn’t work afterward, this is the first thing I’d check.

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Ok. Feeling a bit stupid now.:nerd_face:

Yes it was the black collar that came off in about 5 seconds.

Spindle lock now nicely exposed removing the need to completely disassemble the mount each time I change a bit.

Now onwards to get the limit switches to work.


I found it Phil, if you interest. just scroll down couple posts on this link.

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From May 15th 2016, to June 19th, 2016, (Details) Amazon has the DWP611 for $102.

Hot glue. I got tired of crushing mine, and hot glue pops off before the switch goes all smashy. Dirt cheap and effective.

My X axis switch is also hot-glued on, but just because I didn’t put it on when I should have, and doing it right requires some disassembly.

Yeah I bought one today not knowing that, and then I saw in the cart that it had a $20.00 off coupon.

Life is good :slight_smile:

Is there a way to use the “limit switches” to actually limit range when I jog too far, rather than using them for homing. I’ve gone through a few of them and honestly don’t see much value they add in the current configuration.

Try enabling soft limits ($20=1), it’ll prevent you from jogging the machine too far left, forward or up. Then you can set $130, $131 and $132 to declare the X, Y and Z sizes so you can go too far right, back or down…

All of these assume you have the homing enabled and you’ve homed the machine so it knows where Y0, X0 and Z0 are located.

Thanks Darryl, Will give it a try one I replace them.