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Dewalt dwp611

Has anyone had their Dewalt DWP611 burn up or quite working only after a couple hours of use?


That sounds very unusual. Several threads around on people replacing the brushes, but generally after months or years.

Most report 150-250hrs of use on lower speed setting before the brushes need to be replaced.
I would try to get this fixed under warranty.

What was your speed set to? At Max speed you will burn a brush out in a few hours, but at speed 1 you get likely 150-180 out of a set of brushes. Brushes are like tires, they are an expected disposable item and how hard you drive has a huge impact on Their lifespan. You almost never need beyond a 1-2 on the speed setting.

@PhillipLunsford has a good video on changing out the brushes. It’s a $15/5 minute task. But definitely more pleasant with the correct Torx screwdriver and a hook tool (I used a dental pick)

I guess it depends on what you mean by “burn up”.
Did it in fact burn up or did it just simply quit working?
If it just quit working, then it’s most likely a defective speed control.
DeWalt seems to have a problem with their speed control.
I had the same problem and Inventables will replace it. (I got mine overnight)
If it in fact did burn up, then I don’t have any answers for you.
However Inventables will still replace it.