Dewalt first test carve. Wow

Ok:… So first cut. Test carve. With the spindle this test took 33 minutes. This took 16. And I haven’t even gotten to the recommended feed rate for plywood yet. Lol yay. I so happy. Thank you @inventables.

Yup. Dust shoe is next cut. Lol


Nice. I set up my DWP611 today, no pics yet but I bought v-carve desktop and ran a couple test cuts, the combo is leaps and bounds beyond the stock spindle.

Got the time down to 8 minutes. I has such a happy now.

Very clean cuts i see there, Congrats!!! im still having slight issues getting my spindle completely square to get those results but i believe my problem is when i tapped the makerslide for the z axis i didnt get the screws in straight causing the whole spindle to naturally lean towards on direction… but may i ask how long you took to make sure you machine was completely square and calibrated?

While drilling the stiffening mod I took a day to make sure I had it set and ready. After that putting the dewalt on. It only took an hour or so to check. Everything lined up really well.