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DeWalt Router just died

Is this just common for this machine to have a shady router that came with the kit??? I have used this machine for Maybe a year and ‘bam’ dead…. I’m so confused. What happened when yours died? What did you do, and of course it happened after warranty. LOL

Other thing is, I can’t even unscrew the clamp housing that holds the router on. Suggestions.

You probably just need to replace the brushes. Buy an extra set and have them on hand for the next time.Also welcome to the forums.


Brushes are perishable items and from what I read on these forums they tend to wear quicker if you run the spindle speed higher than 1


Replace the brushes or buy a VFD Spinal. My DeWalt Lasted for years, but I never pushed it that hard, and always had a dust shoe to minimize particles in the air that will shorten the life of brushes. I had hundreds (if not thousands) of hours on the DeWalt before swapping to a VFD.

Went through 3 Dewalts in 6 months! I will perhaps take some blame on the first but less than 2 months each on subsequent ones and was not working them hard. I switched to a makita and work it at higher rpms, bigger bits, higher plung rate and all it does is perform! Yeah I had the brushes but they were under warranty so if or when my makita goes down I have 2 new Dewalts for backup until I get my makita back up.

I’ve had mine since 2016 and still on my first Dewalt but I’m on my 3rd set of brushes. Never had an issue with it.

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