Diagnal Upper corner?

New user here, so far having good luck with this program…started cutting case parts yesterday! I’m looking for a diagonal upper corner…I see 90 and blind, but no 45 degree?? It’s probably the most common corner cabinet for an upper! Am I missing it somewhere?


Hey there, Brian

Welcome! Thanks for reaching out. We do have plans to add a preset for diagonal or 45° corner cabinets, but we don’t currently have this option available in Easel Cabinetmaker.

There are a number of additional cabinet types, configurations, and constructions that we plan to implement in the process of expanding and refining the software. If you have additional notes, references, or images that outline your standards for diagonal corner cabinets, please feel free to share. Even a little info from our users about their process, problems, and practices can go a long way for our team as we work on these developments.

Let us know if you have any other feedback or questions that come up as you are using Easel Cabinetmaker!

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