Diamond Drag Bit

Anybody have any experience with a 90* diamond drag bit?

Settings on my first run after a few tests are
400/400 ipm (Bumped to 800 in easel I did not see a change to the speed)
.1 DPP
.007 depth is what image is set to
Bit is set at 90* .0125 V-bit
I set my bit just tight enough on the Acrylic that I could not push a piece of paper under it for work zero

I did not change the stepover and it appears I am getting good results on my first project although the cut time is 7hr 30min

Just curious as to what anyone else may be running, I set the DPP at .007 trying to force Easel not to try and clean up the points and corners.

Thanks Steve

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I think Easel default max rates are about 300 ipm.
They can be revised in the grbl settings.

Here are the results, Now he wants me to add their name! Run time was 7hrs 40min. Lets hope adding them goes well.

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Looks good Steve but not sure you have room to add the names it looks pretty full.

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I just posted to your other thread.
Why not just cut it with a 60° V bit.
That should NOT take that long.
My acrylic jobs take about 30-45 minutes. give or take.

This one took 1hr. 26min

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I can get them in there!

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Two reasons, First I didn’t know better and second wanted the bit for some other ideas as well I do stained glass well (not much anymore) wanted to try on that and also some granite pieces. What bit/bits did you use, depth of cut and feeds and speeds? And how did you light the edge?