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Did anybody else not receive a Z probe?

Just asking if i’m a lucky one or not.

Put the machine together, I assumed the Z probe was in that accessories box. It was not.

Did you purchase a “Fully-Loaded Kit” or “Build Your Kit” when you purchased it? Check your packing list and if it is there or if you purchased the “Fully-Loaded Kit” then you should contact Inventables’ Support.


Brandon Parker

This is for the x carve pro.

The “Build Your Kit” / “Fully-Loaded Kit” is for the normal x carve I believe.

My Z-Probe came in a second shipment in a separate white box that was delivered later in the day after my machine was delivered.

I just called and they said that it’s coming in a separate box - apparently they decided to ship it after you receive the machine…?

Oh yup…

I didn’t even realize which category the post was in… :slight_smile:


Brandon Parker

I contacted them directly and was told that the cords were to short for the X-Carve Pro machines and had to make new ones. They are scheduled to arrive in Chicago on Wednesday May 26th and will be shipping out to us shortly after they receive them.

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I did not receive a Z probe either; I tried to contact Inventables using the link on the home page but haven’t gotten a response after several days. I hope I am on the list of people getting them shipped out soon. I am anxious to start making sawdust.