Did I buy the wrong machine? (X-carve 1000mm)

you can get autodesk fusion360 for free with a “hobbyist” license. just an FYI

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That’s actually on my “want to try” list! Have you had a chance to compare it with MeshCAM?

unfortunately fusion360 only works with windows 7 and 8 and im still sitting here with vista haha. been tearing the house apart looking for the upgrade disc i got with my computer 5 years ago

I’m in the same boat, have a good vista 32 bit computer but Fusion 360 is a 64-bit program only, fortunately upgrading for me will be relatively inexpensive, just a new hard drive and an upgrade version of Win7 64-bit should do it. I was hoping I could just upgrade but going to 64-bit requires a clean install, the reason for a new drive.

i have 64bit vista just need an update disc. hate to buy one because i have one somewhere i just cant find it! haha

Just got my 3D stuff up and running based on suggestions in this thread. I’m using Blender, MeshCAM, and Universal Gcode sender with some urethane tooling foam. Still working out a few bugs (you can read about them here) but I’m getting some pretty nice cuts!

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Not being an idiot, where does vcarve pro fit in…under aspire?

I’m guessing V-Carve Pro handles the Cad/Cam part?

They are both CAD/CAM. VCarve Pro provides a solution for 2D design and calculation of 2D and 2.5D toolpaths for cutting parts on a CNC Router. Aspire does 3D.

Also check out Fusion 360 from Autodesk it is free for a year.

My plans are X-Carve, V-Carve pro ($699? Or is it discounted with x-carve purchase @ what price), universal gcode sender (whatever the hell that is / free download) and I’m pretty much set to carve ANYTHING? Like uploads.

Just doing a check list on all the things I need to do the things I wanna do. Would I need anything else besides what’s listed above, along with bits and materials?
The bit change and zero (x,y,z) is where I think I’ll have some problems.

V-Carve Pro is discounted when bought with the X-Carve.(you save $174)
I went that route after trying out various other systems and feel it will do everything I ask of it.

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You got X-Carve, vcarve pro, download universal gcode sender, bits, and material. Did you need anything else? How’s you system working? Any problems or advice?

My machine is still a week out but I have been trying just about any software that had trial subs to check out. I mainly use TurboCad V12 for most of my designing but needed a program that would allow me to import my projects at the proper scale (easel did not).
I experimented with the inexpensive and free programs like Sketchup but it was just something else I needed to learn and VCarve Pro was just that much easier for me to work with.
I have also looked into UGS as well as Chillipeper to run the G-Code and even dabbled with Linux to try Linuxcnc.

Once I have my machine and get it up and running I’ll do a little review of the software

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@AntonioNunez what kinds of parts are you trying to make?

I build R/C sailplanes and R/C boats from commercial plans as well as my own plans that I draw up in TurboCad. Most of the parts are relatively simple but cutting them by hand has been a real pain so I invested in the X-Carve to make my work easier and to also shorten the prototyping aspect of cutting, fitting, adjusting, etc.
I had originally planned on a laser cutter but the cost and upkeep was just too much to justify.
Here’s a picture of one of my planes, Hall Cherokee at 1/4 scale


Woah! That’s amazing. Are those made of foam?

All wood! I’m not a fan of foam though I do make some parts from foam, heres a closeup of the canopy area that shows the internal structure

And “in the Bones”

And here’s part of plan’s a friend drew up at 1/3rd scale, my next Winters project,
CHEROKEE2_4.5M_03_FUSELAGE.pdf (380.6 KB)


AntonioNunez, Fantastic cradftsmanship!

I would be afraid to put that in the air for fear of gravity having it’s way with it and ruining it!

After 48 years of building and flying I have learned that a crash is just an excuse to build another one! :grinning:


I didn’t notice your user name, Volpinprops, as I was scrolling through this thread, but when I saw the picture I immediately thought “Wow, that looks like the kind of work the guy from Volpin Props does!” and then I saw your user name…