Did I forget something?

I still have a week or two of waiting for my x-controller to arrive, but i’ve started to piece together what I can of the boxes that are here.

Going through the instructions, I think I may have made an ordering boo-boo and forgotten to have ordered a spindle mount of some kind. I expected the x-carve to come with some kind of spindle base-plate to which specific spindle mounts would be fixed. But flipping ahead through the instructions, it appears the baseplate and mount are a singular part. Hmmm. I didn’t order a Dewalt or Bosch spindle mount as I intend to use a router commonly found her in Australia, but probably unheard of in the US.

If I have indeed made an ordering boo-boo, have a small window of opportunity to get a spindle mount ordered and sent out with my x-controller box.

Did I forget to order all I need?

I called them today. the X-controller is on back order.

Thanks AngusMcLeod - exactly what I needed to know.

I thought it would come with some kind of generic/universal spindle base plate. It appears not.

Probably a happy accident - now the X-Carve is before me, I can get a true feel for it’s proportions and dimensions. The router I was planning to use would be far, far too big for the application (1200W Makita plunge router).

A laminate trim router (or a router in the 600 - 800W range) seems it would be more appropriate. This seems a better option: https://www.bunnings.com.au/makita-700w-trimmer-and-router_p6240215

As for the Dewalt 611 or Bosch Colt options - they’re not sold here in Australia. I’d prefer to stick to a locally sold router for warrantee purposes.

Thanks guys.

So it seems I need to get myself a spindle mount to load a router with a 65mm armature diameter.

Going through the spindle mount options in the Inventables shop, i’m not readily finding the armature diameters they’re designed to work around. I can find some sizes, I can’t find others. Some spindle mounts have links to technical drawings, others don’t.

Can anyone help me out with a solution?

I’m in Sydney and I bought the Dewalt D26204K, which is the 240v version of the 611, so no issue with warranty.

You use this mount for the Dewalt. Aussie version fits it too as they are identical.


Hi tim
I’m using the Makita 700 router in my setup without any issues got the spindle mount from 3DTEK Sydney Australia


I also have the Makita 700 unit and I used the Inventables DeWalt mount with two layers of 3 mm polystyrene sheeting that I also purchased from Inventables in sheet form. Works excellent. I purchased one sheet and simply cut out the sized strips as needed. Still have some left over for other things.

Great idea Clyde.

I bought the Makita, and I now have a 611 spindle on the way thanks to the Inventables team.

I’m going to use rubber sheet to create the shim. Hopefully it will knock off a decibel or two off overall spindle noise, and it might also offer an ever-so-slight vibration damping effect, without being to detrimental to overall accuracy.

Of course, i’d probably need to be the Terminator to perceive any benefit at all.