Did I put my Limit Switches in wrong? *UPDATE* No just wasn't there yet in the instructions

So I am nearly done with my assembly when I noticed my X and Y limit switches in places where there isn’t a chance for them to activate. Did I misinterpret something? What do you guys think?

I spoke too soon. Found the solution in the electronic section. Disregard. As soon as I figure out how to delete this I will.

Why do you think they are not right?

The X and Y homing switches should contact a screw that you put into the Makerslide with a post assembly insertion nut. Did you do that step?

Step 14 on this page:

Now is a good time to add the “actuators” for the limit switches. Start with the X-Axis limit switch actuator. Push the post assembly insertion nut into the rear piece of X-Axis Makerslide. Screw the M5 screw into the insertion nut. Adjust the placement of the insertion nut by loosening the screw and sliding it left and right. When the actuator is in the right place you’ll be able to activate the switch (you’ll hear a gentle click) without the X

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Thanks. I hadn’t gotten there yet and when I went to move what I had I noticed they weren’t going to hit anything yet. That was because I hadn’t got to the step where I put them in yet. Just got ahead of myself. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

No problems. Some people miss this step.

It just feels out of place is why. It seems like it would be done while you are putting the X and Y together finally like in the Gantry and Y axis steps.

Yes. There are several points in the construction that seem to be added in at odd times. I think it’s because of the ala carte ordering of the machine. Some people don’t buy this option.

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I had the same issue on my build, and nearly posted the same question (but a lot of searching finally tracked the instructions down): adding those little screws comes so far at the end made me think they were missing from the instructions as well:

Note to Inventables: you’ll confuse less new users if you bump the part where you add the screws to the same section that you add the switches. 2c :wink: