Didn't mark limit switch axis

I installed everything and used the instructions to find out which wire was for each axis for motor power. However, there are no instructions on how to find the axis for the limit switches after you followed the instructions on putting it thru the drag chain. What’s a good way to find out which belongs to which?

I put a multimeter on each wire and closed the limit switch to see which one I was attached too


just gently tug on each cable at one end and feel which cable moves at the other end

Yup. I’ve just done exactly the same - there needs to be a note in the assembly instructions about this - particularly if you’re running everything (in a slightly OCD manner) through heat shrink

I believe there is a note about labeling the stepper motor wires either in the instructions or the video. I remembered seeing it for them and did the same for the ls wires. Then ended up replacing them anyways

IIRC, they are not really used as limit switches, but, homing switches. Not sure what good Z-top is, but…