Didn't work as planned ( failed Dust Shoe )

So I spent a few hours in F360 designing a fancy Dust Shoe of my own using left over POM and Acrylic from other projects.

The basic idea was to keep the Probe Plug on the X-Carve V2 accessible so instead of two rails I designed it around only using one on the opposite side and also use it to mount the oddly shaped Vacuum Pipe of my Dyson DC29 to it.

Would certainly have looked nice but once I finished the whole assembly a stroke of insight kicked in when I came to the bristles.
They’d have to be at least 25mm long counting from the lowest part of the acrylic to clear over clamps and Thumb Screws.
Add another 20mm because of the Acrylic and I’d be left with a meager 10mm DoC on the longest 1/8 Bit until the base of the DeWALT 611 would hit the top of the Acrylic - Mehh.

Looks like I’ll be going with a simple “Debris Shield” approach made out of Acrylic and mounted directly to the DeWALT 611 deflecting upwards flying pieces either straight back or towards the sides where they’ll then be stopped by the Belt Guards around the machines perimeter.

Might be able to get some use out of the main assembly by just changing the Acrylic to the Debris Shield while still using the Vacuum Pipe for fine dust like when I’m working on MDF =)