Difference between v and engraving bit?

I have done some searching here on the above question but can’t see to find the question itself - I see results for one or the other but not a comparison. So, forgive if I missed it and please post the link(s).

The question - I see there are engraving bits and v-bits. Other than the larger width of the groove provided by the v-bit, what is the difference? Maybe asked better this way - why/when would I chose one over the other? I mean, I see references to “engraving” and others to “v-bit carving” but what are the decisions points for one over the other? I know that v carving tool paths provide (what I call) ramping at the ends but can’t an engrave bit do the same? {scratches head…}

A bit confused

I have seen you mention the flat tips many times. I will go look through your docs and such. Thanks.

By all means, of course not. I don’t mind looking, and did try, but didn’t see anything relevant pop up. I am quite sure what I am looking for exists - I can’t be the first person to ask that question - so I figured maybe what I wanted was buried in a thread with a non-related subject line. So, yea, some pointers in a direction, like the links you provided, is well appreciated.

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Yea I did. Sorry that I miswrote sounding like I was still expecting.

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Inventables must put your library link to their help/tutorial page. The’re awesomly helping guides to everyone. I’d like to thank you spending that much time to put all together. I am keeping track for your sleep hours and I’m sure you are half human half robot. :blush:
Thank you Phil.