Differences between DM442, DM542E, and DM542T?

Okay so I can’t tell what tangible differences there may be between these stepper drivers:

First of all the one here on Inventables’ site, the DM442, claims to be able to supply 4.2 amps of current, but there is no DM442 on the Leadshine website. There is a DM422 which has an output of 2.2A. Strangely the DM442 on Inventables has a pic of the driver which has the model number DM422. WTH? Links:



Then there is the DM542E which seems to be the cheaper Leadshine 4.2A option, but why? Is it missing something?



Lastly, there is the DM542T by StepperOnline on Amazon. They claim that it is manufactured by Leadshine… Not sure if I should believe it.

Can anyone lay down some insight and help me out? I’ve been looking into this stuff for weeks. I want smooth and precise movement in my machine. Is DSP the magic beans?

The main difference within Leadshine range is input voltage range and max current. DSP is nice :slight_smile:
I would expect other OEM¨s to use a similar naming strategy.

I am running the 542T s on my machine. they have been great so far. I have some big motors (4.2A) but right now I am running the machine at 3A on the drivers… I have been running up to 3 hours at a time and they have not even gotten a little warm.

@HaldorLonningdal @AngusMcleod
Ah! I should have noticed the different voltage ratings. I’ve looked into it some more and learned that higher voltages gets me higher performance from my motors…

Do these stepper drivers transform voltages at all? Like if I use a 12V power supply can the drivers change that to 24, 36, or 48V? Or do they just output whatever voltage you give them?

Good to hear you having success with the DM542Ts. They are the ones that I’m leaning towards mainly due to price. I just worry that maybe they cut corners to achieve it. Did you derate the drivers to 3A because they would get warm with higher current? What voltage power supply are you using?

I have them at their current settings just because. right now they are sitting in open air without any cooling… and really I am not sure what bumping them up to the higher amperage is going to help right now. Everything is running smoothly. I have a 48v power supply.

I am not completely sure but I think the voltage is boosted up/regulated down to a certain level and current is then limited to specified level. Higher input voltage provide more torque at high speeder stepper RPM so for fast rapids one need to match the voltage with stepper impedance. High mH-number for the stepper => higher input voltage is preferred. Xcarve is based on 24V, the quick fix for higher voltage is a 2nd 24VPSU and bridge the two to get 48V. Or get a specific one with the voltage of choice.

I am planning ahead myself, have a DM556 and consider using three more for the full rig and running them at 48V. Mainly because I have several 24V PSU´s about. The price point for 856 isn’t that much more so I might do that, simply get get better voltage overhead.