Different cut type

I need some explanation or examples about the different between the three cutting type please.

Drill - Specific types of toolpaths designed to peck-drill with an endmill (i.e. Z-Axis movement, but no X/Y-Axis movements)

Fill - Pocket toolpaths; designed to clear out chunks of material

Outline - Contour toolpath; designed to carve along a path (On-Path, Inside Path, Outside Path)

Does that answer your question?


Brandon Parker


Thank you so much @BrandonR_Parker
It is a bit clear now. English is not my native language.
Would you mind to provide me with an example picture for each time please

What do you mean by example picture? Do you mean an actual carved piece?


Brandon Parker

I meant pictures from the internet or if there is a video on YouTube showing the difference please.

There are many Youtube videos available. Two of the good channels are:




Not to say that others are of any lesser value, but the two mentioned above have quite a bit of content surrounding the X-Carve and Easel. Take a look at some videos and see if you can find something that answers your questions.


Brandon Parker

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thank you so much.
I will check both channels and I hope to find what I am looking for there.

Samer, I got your email, bit ill just reply over here to put it out there for any ppl looking in the future…

Fill= yellow circle
Outline= blue circle
Drill=red circle

Drills are straight plunge moves on the Z axis only, so they cannot be assigned as fill or outline so they are a seperate selection.

So if part of your design is set to one of the path selections you can select all within that type only by using the popup in your photo, that selection method could really expedite selecting certain certain portions of a design…

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Yes and NO? All we want to do is have the router bit carve a rose from the library. Should we choose "Outline “inside” because the picture that Easel gives us the “on path” looks terrible?

@DavidBales, did you mean to post in this thread or did you mean to create a new one?

If you can share what you are trying to do and/or the Easel file, we can definitely help you. If you have a specific question regarding a design and not just how the different cut types differ, please start a new thread; mention my name @BrandonR_Parker in the new thread and I will be sure to see it.


Brandon Parker

If you want to preserve the size you choose “outside the path” however, if there are details or internal corners, you might loose those details because the selected bit is too large… you can choose “on the path” but that will cause the size to shrink by the radius of the bit all the way around and might cause un desirable cuts, and parts breaking… there is no single right answer not without seeing the project and even then its often up to your artistic view of the project and comparing that to what it reasonable with a CNC machine given the limitations of using a round bit.

It Depends

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