Different Router Bit length in the DeWalt 611

New guy on the block - have a X Carve Per Nov 2021 ( arduino ) . Works great with my simple project - my first attempt
Per forum response to " Dewalt 611 bit depth " that resolves one concern
Broke a 1/8 " single flute st bit on plywood yesterday - not sure why ?
Will try again
Purchased two bits today -frued Double flute straight and a Single flute straight. Carbide 1/4" shank- First Question -are they compatiable with Dewalt 611
I have a 1/8 " collet ; I suppose I need a 1/4 " collet I’ll check the kit
Question # 2
Double Flute is approx 3/8 " long ; Single flute is approx 5/8 " long
How does the machine know how far down to engage and how far up to retract
I input the panel thickness and the depth of cut not the engage and retraction distance ?

You need a collet to fit the shank of the bit. I have an adapter that can take 1/8" bits as well. I use some dremel tools in there. Check your depth of cut and feed rate for the bits you are using as well. If you have a 1/4 collet, you can buy 1/16, 1/8, etc bits too.

My go to bits are usually whiteside, but any 1/4" shank router bit will work.

The cut settings should tell the bit how much to take per pass.


To add to that, the DeWalt 611 standard collet is actually 1/4", so all 1/4" shank endmills should work with nothing added.

The retract heights are under the Machine>General Settings menu. This can be changed if you wish. The standard value is 0.15", but you can see that I had mine set to 0.5" in the image below because I have a hold-down bolt to clear. Breaking 1/4" single-flute Amana bits by performing a rapid through is not fun…ask me how I know… :slight_smile:


Brandon R. Parker

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To add to that (See what I did there Brandon :smiley: ) , The setting Brandon changed in his photo is NOT retained as a default, so IF you need to change this setting you will need to change it for every project INDIVIDUALLY . . .
For instance, when you start a new project ALL of the settings in the General Settings Screen will revert to the Defaults.
So if you wanted to set it to 0.5" for every project going forward and any new project, you will need to go into this page for every project and manually change it from 0.15" to the desired value…

Personally I use Center as my 0,0 on nearly every project (this prevents me from having toolpaths that go anywhere near my clamps) and as a result I can use a very small safety and origin safety heights which on smaller CNC’s helps prevent Z crashes into the top (smaller cnc’s have very little Z travel) . . . AND it reduces the retraction amount which can reduce carving time. So I set both of those safety heights to 1mm usually. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the great responses - issue addressed

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