Different screws code

Hello everyone.

First of all I’m really pleased to have finally joined this community.

Today I have received my 1000x1000 full X-Carve bought from RoboSavvy and apart from a very tiny damage to an angle of the wasteboard everything is nice nothing is missing.

Anyway before starting to assemble it I have made a little “inventory” to check nothing was missing. Just when I have finished to check this I noticed that a little package with screws (sadly I have not pinned it on a block-notes) a code on it was totally missing from the Inventables instruction (1st section). I don’t know if that little package was put into the wrong box or is just the code that is wrong.

Later I checked that another little package have more screws than was on the Inventables assembling instruction inventory.

Has anyone noticed this?

I’m really sorry to have not pinned the code on a block-notes but I have just thought about it.

P.s. I just assembled the X-axis and both Y-axis. Have you any tips that I have to follow or be sure to check before to go on? Someone told me to put blue Loctite on every screws. Is that important?


The loctite certainly helps in the long run. I didn’t do it and then found my eccentric nuts were loose just a few months later.

Thanks, I’ll go on with that.

Do you have any advice for the Nema 23 motors? When I attached the plunge seems that one of the 4 motors is really hard ‘rotate’. Is than an issue that I need to report?

Check that the motors wires are not touching. If they are it will “lock” the motor.

I’m still assembling it, nothing is wired yet, I just rotate them a bit with my hand, and one seems need a lot more effort to rotate

Even if you haven’t wired the steppers the loose wires hanging off the motor could be shorted together. That will lock the motor. Confused me until I remembered how steppers work.

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Oh I didn’t know that. So nothing to worry about I assume.

Thanks for your explanation,