Different spindle compatibility

I am new to this and seriously considering purchasing a kit.
I am wondering about spindle compatibility.
I have collected 3 different routers over the years, none of which are DeWalt or Bosch.
I have a PorterCable and 2 older Craftsman models. One of which is my original that I purchased 20+ years ago and it still works. The other is an even older Craftsman that I found when cleaning out my father-in-laws garage.
Both of these work fine. Although I do not know the spindle speed of these. I would like to use one of these for this.
Is it as simple as knowing the correct spindle RPM?
Is there a minimum RPM recommended for these CNC operations?
Material dependent? I would be using this for wood only.

Thanks very much,

Thanks Phil. I will check the diameter of these.
Sounds like worst case is I would have to modify the spindle mount to fit.


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You could make your own mount using the plate Inventables sells.

And use a u clamp then mill out real brackets. :slight_smile:

Not specific to OP question but in general since the Makita RT0700 is also used by some, its Speed1 = 10k rpm.