Difficulty with getting consistent depths

So I have had the X-Carve for about a month and have had issues with getting it the cut at consistent depths. I have resurfaced the waste board, checked all of the fittings, and checked the Z axis. The further the carriage gets away from home the more the cut rises.

Anysuggestions about how to address this?

Is your X axis extrusion parallel to your wasteboard? Measure the distance between the rail and the wasteboard at different points.

What precisely are the discrepancies? Photo of a carve showing the issue will be very telling :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. Did you figure it out?

I’m having similar problems. I need to carve a precision tool and consistent depth is critical. Just from the front to back on a 9" wide sheet I have more than 0.020" difference in depth. (I have not even checked for consistency in the X-axis yet, but suspect that will also need to be addressed.)

Can anyone tell me how to adjust and level the 2 side carriage rails so they are parallel to the wasteboard? What about leveling the X-axis rail?

Skim cut a 2nd layer of spoil board to make sure Z-elevation is uniform across the work surface.
Its a must for height-critical jobs.

I suspect that will take a good 1/8" off the wasteboard at the front. I’ll also need to skim the entire surface. What bit can I use for that to not take forever (from the "standard set that come with the X-Carve)?

Related to how to judge the table height…
Is there a way to see a readout of the machine’s ACTUAL position at a point in time? Ie. if I position the head in each of the 4 corners, I could ZERO the Z-axis at one of them, and then jog to the other 3 corners and compare the table height - IF I could know what the Z-Axis position is at each of them (when I touch the bit to the surface). I cannot find a positional readout anywhere. Am I missing something here?

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Using Easel?

Machine–>Advanced–>Machine inspector

Thanks Neil. That’s a big “AH-HA” moment. I knew it had to be there somewhere. Appreciated.

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