Difficulty withBelt Clip

squeezing the clip, the band slips. I can not seem to hold up well. I saw the video and instruction. Why not take it?

See here…

Here is something I tried this morning and it seems like it may hold. This involves trimming the belt to exactly the length that we need, so you may want to be prepared to order new belts if it doesn’t work out for you.

Here’s the tricky part… While doing the second clip, it involved feeding the belt though the clip, inserting the long tensioning screw through the hole with it protruding about 5mm out the other side, then make sure your belt is over the pinion and pull the belt so there is no slack, and, and trimming the end of the belt down to size. I trimmed, leaving approximately 8 teeth extending past the clip.

Here is the finished product:

I took the advice from somewhere in this forum and used shrink tube. I got the one with no chemicals in it. It worked really well, would be easy to trim off if ever needed and actually looks good.

Here’s how I got a more secure belt attachment and retained some extra length:

I simply ran the belt through the clip from the bottom rather than top. The 9mm belts I recently updated to are a little stiffer and were raised up from the makerslide a bit, to I looked at different solutions and this works for me. Incidentally, I couldn’t find any belt clips for 9mm GT2 belt, so I made some on my S2 using some Lumacite I had on hand.

What persuaded you to go with a bigger belt? Did the 9mm belt require a new pulley?

@JoeMeyer: The 6mm belt was working OK, but I didn’t like the way it could drop into the slot on the makerslide. That never created a problem that I know of, but the condition was there. While looking for other parts, I ran across 9mm belt and compiled a parts list to modify my machine. Inventables didn’t have all the parts, so I got some from Openbuilds.

I had to buy new GT2 pulleys, idler pulleys with bearings, etc., and associated hardware. One part I couldn’t find was the clip for 9mm belt, so I made it.

This is what I did ~ simply put the end of the clip into a vice ~ just about where the slot closest to the end of the clip is ~ and carefully bend so the end is angled up ~ So far it’s holding the belts just fine. Easier to keep from slipping when putting the clips in place too.

I used a small cable tie to hold them together.

I just used a zip tie. Works great if you keep the head of the tie on the inside away from the wheel (Not the V wheel). I can move the rail to the absolute end with no issues.