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Dimensions of cut didn't match easel

I was trying to cut a 1.5"L x .75"W x 1"D pocket but the dimensions did not come out as planned in easel. Luckily I tested on some scrap 2x4 before trying to use the prime wood. I’m also noticing that the two-sided undercut corners I set aren’t perfectly round in each other corners.

The depth was spot on, but the length and width was off. It ended up being 1.468" x .713". I have already calibrated the machines X and Y to 50cm and it was perfect without any adjustment needed.

My cut settings were offset with 5 degree ramp.

What else should I be looking for?

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Measure the actual width of your bit with a pair of calipers and input that value into Easel as the bit diameter. It is extremely unlikely that your 1/8" bit is actually 1/8" exactly. Normally there is a tolerance for dimensions with each manufacturer. Instead of the bit being 0.125" in width, it might be 0.93" in width. I know I have a 0.25" bit that is 0.245" width and a 0.125" Amana bit that is actually 0.096" in width.

Another option is to just test cut a square pattern with the bit you want to use and measure the kerf of the cut. This will help account for run out and deflection but obviously will not account for it all…

Also, check to see if there are any “Uncut Areas” of those dog-bones. If Easel determines that the bit will not fit into a specific area, it will provide red toolpaths for those areas which will not be part of the GCode that is generated for the carving.


Brandon Parker

Since the calibration test was spot on the issue is most likely belt stretch and this is usually best addressed by adjusting the tension, but I would also check the V Wheels (including the ones on the Z axis) too while your at it.

However the soft nature of pine can also result in the wood compressing during the carve when using climb milling (easel’s only option)
You could try another pass set to “Inside the line” to OR even re-test doing an “Inside the line” cut first, followed by the pocket to clear out the center.