Dimond tip bit

has any body used a dimond tip drag bit befor for engraving like dog tags. if so what speedes did you run. thanks you

sure have, diamond drag a great!

what cnc are you using
Start with a feed rate of 50 at .005 depth to start with

3018right now but in larging to a 3040 with a 500watt spindel

what spindel speede

or is spindel speede 0 and drag it

spindle speed0000000, it is a spring-loaded diamond drag bit correct

(720) Diamond Drag Engraver Part 1: Engraving Aluminum - YouTube

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no it isnot should i buy spring loaded ones

yes, I would recommend the 90 degrees.

FYI: probe will not work, use paper instead

Amazon.com: RDZ Engraving Diamond, Spring Loaded CNC Machine Drag Engraving Tool (3 Pack) : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

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