Direct drive z-stage

I picked up this direct drive z-stage on ebay. Seems super smooth. Hoping to reduce backlash and flex to get my z accuracy down to .005" or so. It is heavier. Hoping that doesn’t cause problems.


That looks nice and serious Matt.

Can’t wait to hear how you go.

I am in the process of beefing up my machine as well, please let us know how this works and if there was anything special you needed to do to make this work.

That looks very solid.

how much?

Ive been looking at one of those since seeing it on another thread here but havent pushed the button yet.

I had not considered the weight issue, but since I am currntly running 300w quiet cut spindle, i think my situation would not lemd itself to the weight twisting things so much.

@StephanMonette has been playing with one of these in this thread which is what got me thinking about it
Has anyone tried upgrading to RM2ZZ steel v wheels?

I’m using one of those on my aluminum milling machine. It works great. Here are some details on how I mounted it. There are many ways of course. Also, this machine bears little resemblance to x-carve because I wanted to eliminate flex.

On this one, you can remove the aluminum plate secured by those four black screws and mount your spindle directly to the bearing block.