Disfunctioning XCarve Machine

I have had my xcarve for a couple of years and about 6 months into ownership I experienced my machine literally stop carving in the middle of a project. We trouble shot and came up with not solution so Inventables were kind enough to send me another xcontroller. Well, that did not work and the same problem continued. I have tried several wifi systems including the hotspot on my iphone and the same problem continued. It is extremely disheartening to see your project ruined or you have to go back and pray the machine remembers the xy setting. In some situations it did and in others, well the language I used should not be noted. The carve takes place in both the roughing and detail carves. Imagine having your carve at the 80-90 percent completion and this occurs. Or imaging it at 50 percent and you have to start all over with the carve in hopes of saving your project. For the money spent for this system this should not happen or Inventables has a solution for stopping this problem.

Anyone have any solutions or suggestions because Inventables has not come up with any only at one point indicating that depending on the machine returning back to the xy point and starting over? Thanks

Sorry to hear that. I just had a similar issue crop up. The cut would be going along then all of a sudden the machine would stop and the Easel UI would do it’s prompt like the job was done but the head unit wouldn’t run back to the work position. I tried a few things, reboots, updates(EASEL,FIRMWARE & Computer). different browsers, different computer OS’s. Nothing worked. Then I decided to track my ground wire coming from my dust collecting tube. In my case I have a shop vac connected to a smaller tornado looking fine dust collector. Both on wheels. I mad sure the ground was connected and not touching my metal table the unit sits on. I noticed that one of the fine dust collector units wheels was sitting on the shop vacs. After adjusting that I haven’t had any issues. Not sure if that’s your issue :slight_smile: but a bad ground seemed to be mine.

Thanks for your response. I do not use a dust collector. Giovanna with Inventables has been soooo patient with me in seeking a solution. I live out in the country where there are several weather situations (storms, lightening, etc). I felt in the end it was the controller but I decided to run an extension cord to another part of the house and It seems that this may have solved the problem. Also, since the xcontroller talks to the computer, I started using another usb port on my computer and no problems so far. Of course, the weather is just fine so I am anxious to see if this solves my problems while carving in inclimate weather. Thanks again.

I would not carve during times of inclement weather if my grid power is typically affected. Beyond not carving, you could purchase a UPS powerful enough to power the computer, X-Controller, and router/spindle.


Brandon R. Parker

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