Disney plaque for daughters room

disney plaque i made for daughters room. v carved it all and painted letters with hobby acrylic paint. and sprayed with shellac. downloaded the fonts free. even the one with cinderella. ca-


Looks great! How much of a pain was it to paint everything?!

wasn’t really as bad as you’d think. just a narrow flat brush, the v-carve is pretty easy to paint. just keep damp cloth to wipe down flat if it gets up on it.

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kindly share how you did this from the bit to the settings.

thank you.

It’s really fairly easy, but i do use aspire. The fonts are a free download, they even have the princess in the font. So you just add text, and hit vcarve toolpath.for stuff like this i use a 9/16 v bit. Just a cheap one from lowes works. I run it at 70ipm on lowest speed. Dewalt.