Disney's "A Christmas Carol" Layered Story Book

Hello All,

Some time back JDM created the post “2016 Inventables Holiday Challenge” and showed us his amazing book box inspired by Disney’s “A Christmas Carol”. Thank you so much Jason for making that post because it inspired me to make this for my wife for Christmas. This project was more challenging than i thought it was going to be, with all the parts that i had to pull together not to mention the painting (im not a painter). I can respect the amount of work it took to create yours even more now after having completed this.

Some Details:

  • This is made out of Mahogany and Maple with the inner pieces made of 1/16 and 1/8 Basswood.
  • Runs on 2x AAA batteries
  • All windows are lit using 5 LED’s that i scavenged from tealight candles
  • Uses a limit switch to turn the lights on/off when the book is opened
  • Outer frame and inner building are held in place using magnets (makes it easy to change battery’s)
  • Inner parts were burned and cutout using a 2.8W J-Tech laser running at 1.5W
  • Buildings were painted using various stains and white acrylic paint
  • Hinges are made of Mahogany with Red Oak stain and were laser engraved to add the detail

Big thanks out to Jay at J-Tech for taking care of me. Excellent customer service, he responded quickly, identified an issue that i had and got me a replacement part out right away. Had he not been so quick i don’t think that i would have finished this in time for Christmas since it took me till the 23rd to get it all done.

Thanks again JDM, let me know what you guys think …


That is phenomenal. Truly amazing.


Something to aspire to…

Looks great!

Great you acknowledged JDM. Someday, I hope to be where you are.

Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing that.

I particularly love the hinges, would you mind sharing the crv file for those? I’ve been toying with several versions of my own, but still haven’t found one that I like.