Display Imported G-Code

Can I view / edit the g-code that I import?

Many times I need to change feed rates, and I do not want to go back re-generate the g-code.

Today I change the g-code and re-import the g-code. This works, but I can’t view the g-code to verify that what I have done is correct.


If you update your GRBL version and Easel version you can override speed up to 200% (or down to 0%) on the fly.

Easel will display tool path / preview imported g-code path only.

Not in Easel. It is a pass through sender.

You’ll need to modify prior to import or as previously stated, update GRBL and use on the fly feed rate adjustments.

UGS Platform can and I believe PicSender also will do on the fly feed increased up to 200% with the press of a button.