Disregard Bit Size

Title may not be appropriate so I’ll explain. Several times when using an 1/8" bit you commonly run into thin spots on text or in a design that the program realizes are to small for the current but diameter.

I often would like the ability to disable this and allow it to make a pass to complete the design. My thought is that it currently sees a path that would be to narrow let’s say less than 1/8" so instead of not creating a path it would create a single path rounding up to the size of the but in this case 1/8".

Is this possible of useful to anyone else?

That’s a coincidence! I just posted about the issue here:

I haven’t tried cutting this project yet, but I hope it will cut regardless of the warning.

When this happens with a “fill” shape, I’ve had pretty good luck copy/pasting the same shape directly on top of it and using that one as and inside “outline” cut.

just hide the material and all that red stuff goes away

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You can also change to it to On Path.

In my case that’s not really an option since that would produce different result then I want.

pretty sure it will still cut since the toolpath is shown

Just got a reply from @rodovich of the Inventable teams this is what he said:

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maybe try something like this?