Diving in head first..... Les Paul

Be a sport and make the neck also.
My granddaughter and I made a guitar a number of years ago and it turned out beautiful.
Took it to the guitar center here in Columbus and they were very impressed.
I made a small excel program to calculate the fret placements.
If you’re interested, I will send it to you.
Here is a great place to buy parts and tools.


This building thread has a ton of info on creating a Les Paul guitar. Too detailed in some aspects if not creating a '59 replica, but lots of great info on scale length, neck plane angle, pickup plane angle, placement of bridge, etc,… Warning: set aside a few hours to go through all of it. Mike

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I think it was the I Like To Make Stuff channel on YouTube. He recently built a one string shovel. There are some videos of the guy that has it playing some Rage Against the Machine on it.

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I was about to send the tdpri link, as that thread will tell you almost all you need to know about making a Les Paul style guitar. I look forward to seeing this pan out, but I don’t trust the X Carve at my maker space nearly enough to attempt this on, unfortunately.

Have you determined how long each carve will take?

Hey Phil, have a look at this link for the neck pocket, the Laguna guy uses Vcarve pro and walks through the details. Some good info on the angle.

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hey guys. a great place for guitar parts is guitarfetish.com
I’m still putting my x-carve together, but once it is together my main focus is going to be guitars.
I really excited!! :slight_smile:


man! that body would only sell for $200?? That looks sweet (my fav body style) and love the landscape. That would be hours and hours of carving and feel like that would be almost giving it away at $200 (including the cost of the blank)



From these 2 examples and a few others on the site, it looks like it hovers around 18", but varies

also depends where you’re going to be adjusting the truss rod from; headstock or where it meets the body. this was a good visual found online on seeing it when adjusting from the body side:

I just went and checked my electric and it’s adjusted from the headstock:

One of my acoustics adjusts from headstock, the other from the body

Thought this was also helpful: http://www.stewmac.com/Materials_and_Supplies/Truss_Rods/Traditional_Truss_Rod_Kit.html

So looks like you could potentially just DIY one if you had the right size rod and threading tool

Hey Phil, are you done with your guitar yet? Would love to see your progress.