DIY CNC using OLD X-controller

I am building a larger scale CNC and for the testing phase (while waiting for the motion controller from virus ridden China) I decided to see if I can rig up my X-Controller just to play around. It seems to control the motor ok. I took (un)educated guesses based on the information I found online for wiring it. I have both the X-Controller and the DM860I controller set at 400 micro-stepping using the micro switches setting.
Looking at the advanced information in Easel then machine inspector are there any resources available to know what this information is telling me?

I have searched the forum but the info seems to vague or I am just not finding it.

The X-controller has motor drivers built in.
You’re sending the 24v pulses meant to go straight to a motor to your motor driver. That will not work. Those pins are meant to receive 5v, usually, step and direction signals straight from the microcontroller.

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So does that mean I can bypass the add on driver card and just go from x-controller to motor? Or is x-controller not powerful enough to drive a Nema34?

Got any specs on the nema 34?
I doubt X-controller will give you full use of the power.

They are large large motors.

Yeah, the X-controller is pretty underpowered for those. You’ll probably use multiple power supplies.

What machine are you using 34s on? Are you fabricating the parts?
What are you making that you need that power?

Honestly, I saw them on eBay for a decent price not really understanding much about them except more power is always better. The X-Controller was just kind of a trial thing. My motion controller will be here early next week.
I’m building a 5’x10’ CNC router that will do a lot of surfacing of large slabs of wood. So, I want to make sure I have plenty of torque to push the spindle through the material. Also I plan on doing lots of large 3D carving and I want high speeds and feeds to reduce cycle times.
Found this welded frame on FB market place for $200 which is the foundation of the build.


I wired the Nema34 directly to the X-controller and the motion of the stepper is so much smoother. It stuttered before like it was getting mixed signals. However I can easily force it to skip by putting hand torque on the drive pulley. If someone was going to make this a long term application they would need to find a way to add more power to the steppers.

Increase voltage and choose a stepper driver that can take that voltage and also hit the current limit specified for the stepper. As you can see in your description 36-110VDC is recommended, aim for the higher spectrum :slight_smile:

As current is limited by the driver, doubling the input voltage = double power capacity.
It also mean more available torque at speed, as useful stepper torque decline with increased RPM.