Do I need Easel if I buy VCarve Pro?

Do I need Easel if I buy VCarve Pro?


You will need a G-code sender, like UGCS, or PicSender, but no need to use Easel.

Thanks Larry

Hello larryM where do you live and what programs do you use?

NC,USA. Vcarve PRO and Rhino 5
UGCS and PicSender
Arduino IDE

In theory, no. You’d use VCarve Pro for CAM, then you could use the new VTransfer to control the machine:

VTransfer is pretty minimalistic though, and I suspect you’d find Easel more comfortable for setup and so forth — your workflow would then be:

  • CAD in whatever tool you choose
  • CAM in Vectric VCarve Pro
  • export a G-Code file from that
  • open Easel, connect to machine and set origin relative to the stock
  • send G-Code file using Easel

I thought that the whole point here was to get away from Easel. Maybe not. He could use any sender for this part of the proposed work flow.

Yes VTransfer has nothing to do with Easel.

ok I use vectric aspire for my 3 cnc 1 laser china another laser grbl and a router I have thousands of files if you look for something do not hesitate to tell me that I like to help those who help me oky?

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