Do you know what a Zagi is?

I’m not modeler, but I’m very fascinated. I can’t imagine what you will share here when you receive your machine. That means, we’re all waiting your machine arrival together. I hope soon.

I’m not a modeler either, but that looks like something that would be fun to make for my kids (and myself). Do the app! :smile:

Back when I was in high school i was obsessed by RC planes. I had some giant nitro powered ones that smelled like shit and spit oil everywhere, but I stopped before electric motors really came into their own. Maybe I should get back into it…

We’ll start reviewing your app!

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Your app is awesome! It looks like it is working perfectly. I would just remove the logging, and it would be nice if the svg was exported with stroke="#000" (black) so that it cut all the way through without having to modify it.

Very nice, I’ve build quite a few foamies. I’ll definetly have to check this out… :thumbsup:

Yeah we will definitely update everyone. We have some plans for both the backend and the frontend way apps work in the coming weeks.

I’m going to publish your app publicly! WOOT!