Does anyone know how they did this?
Look at the area where the center star is. There is a cut out under the top part.
I was wondering if anyone knew of techniques to accomplish this?

I would think it is layered perhaps.

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It appears to be cut in layers then assembled.

Looking at the sharpness of the cuts (inside angles) and the variations of grain and color I would say it was a series of laser cut thin lattices stacked on top of each other to create the complex pattern.
I am counting at least 8 layers.

A very cool technique. And probably cuts very fast as all the cuts are profile cuts instead of pockets. (Parameter vs. Volume)

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hmm I could manage to do a few of similar cuts on stuff my friend does. :slight_smile:

I suspect the way they cut it was…carefully. Very carefully!

Ok just found the site of the author.
Wow. He used to do this out of paper and it took weeks!
His gallery is up but the shop is closed.
Probably family or hardship… :confused: