Does anyone use the Harbor Freight dust collector?

Like others I don’t really like the idea of a shop vac running continuously for hours…I’m looking at the HF
Item #31810 dust collector…will this work with a hose necked down smaller from the 4 inch inlet? Was planning on using a separator bucket like posted here earlier last week…any opinion would help a lot…thanks

That’s the one I use. I have it mounted to the wall with the bag hanging down. Just use the bolt holes for the wheels. I added rubber feet between metal bars and the wood that it is mounted on to help reduce vibration into the wall, as that wall is common with the house.

For a separator bucket, I use a garbage can with this

I’m very happy with this, much quieter and they move a lot of air. I have yet to hook it up with the x-carve, but it has no problems with any of my other tools, table saw, sanders, etc, so don’t expect any issues. For most of the other parts, adapters etc, I have a mixture of Rockler and stuff off Amazon.

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just ordered one. hf is having a great sale. after shipping and tax it came out to 120. they have a coupon code right now for 20%off