Does material selection affect g-code?

Is there a benefit besides the visual representation to selecting a material? If I select, say, mdf, will that affect the generated code vs, say, selecting pine? If I want to try a project on a different material, do I need to re-select the material and regenerate the code, or can I just use the same file? Thx.

You just need to make sure your cut settings are appropriate for the material you’re cutting.
I wouldn’t run the same feeds, speeds, and DOC that I ran in PVC on a piece of ipe (really dense exotic wood)

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You can input your feed & speed parameters into your gcode, but with Easel, you set your feed & speed and depth of cut before you generate the gcode.
I normally just use three material types, plywood, pine & hard maple, but I set my own feeds and speeds depending on what I am cutting and the desired finish.

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