Does my Y axis sound alright?

I have got everything up and running and I’m slowly getting things calibrated and setup. I have some resonance in the Y axis and was wondering if other people are hearing the same thing. In the video I’m running 75IPM which is much faster than I intend to cut at but it’s just a test. The voltage on the Y axis is 1.678, I had to turn it up a little to keep from skipping steps.

I plan to install a couple of Y axis braces this weekend. Hopefully that will get rid of the resonance.


To my ear it sounds like things may be a bit stiff/tight on your y axis. double check your v wheels and especially check to be sure the belts arent too tight

check out the belt vid here:

I’m running a 48v quiet gut spindle and not a 611, so I’m not sure how the weight difference affects how things sound

Thanks, I re-adjusted the v wheels and things are much better. It’s not much of an adjustment between too tight and too loose that’s for sure.

Agreed. I had the same issue. I slackened 1 wheel and the noise went away. I checked after and bumped up the y axis as per RobertA_Rieke’s video.